3 thoughts on “Addie VanderWeide

  1. Hola Adds!! Hope your enjoyed the flights, and your first trip to Guatemala! I miss you already!! Home is strangely quiet without you and the posse coming and going!! Hope your “first day ‘on the job’ is fun and rewarding!! I’m so very proud of you for choosing this Winterim mission project. I pray you will grow in your faith, and learn every day the joy of doing God’s work here on earth. And remember, you can’t pack babies or children in your suitcase to take home with you!!!! Love you baby girl 🙂 Adios for now!


  2. Addie Grace – we got an email that you are dedicating the five homes to five beautiful families that you worked so hard to build these past few days. I’m so very proud of you!! I pray that you are listening for God’s voice as you live and work alongside your friends, leaders and brothers and sisters in Christ. You are a special one my sweet Adds!! Know you are loved deep!! xoxo ❤️😘


  3. Welcome to base camp sweetie!! i cant wait to hear all about the amazing adventure you had in the village!
    God is using you all in wonderful ways to further His kingdom and help His children in need…SO proud of you!!
    Lots of love and kisses…I miss you and cant wait to see you in a few days!!


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